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One of the reasons that motivated me to study law, besides my natural vocation of service, and the opportunity to practice a liberal profession, is the fact that through this practice I could help individuals and communities solve their problems.

I have been practicing law for 20 years now, providing legal counsel to large and small companies, national and international enterprises, as well as people in the areas of banking, airlines, hydrocarbons and general trade, investment consulting, assisting with the due diligence, credit recovery, consulting in labor cases, representation in commercial law suits, labor law, antitrust damages actions for non-contract compliance, real estate, administrative, and economic crime law.

At RODRIGUEZ SEGURA LAW FIRM, I provide one on one assistance to my clients from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday, and outside of office hours, according to availability. I speak English, French, and Spanish.